As of per data of year 2010, there ar 138,273  constituents.

Classification of Barangays
Barangays are classified into two (2) groups:
Urban Barangay(s) - A barangay with 10,000 or more constituents with the state of Urban and Sub-Urban style of living.
Rural Barangay(s) - A barangay with 9,999 or less constituents with the state of Rural to Sub-Urban style of living.

Polomolok is politically subdivided into 23 barangays. Barangay Poblacion is also known as Polomolok itself. There are 3 Urban Barangays and 20 Rural Barangays.

Urban Barangay(s)
  • Poblacion (Polomolok) 42,357
  • Cannery Site 21,021
  • Magsaysay 11,023
Rural Barangay(s)
  • Bentung 1,088
  • Crossing Palkan 1,769
  • Glamang 5,571
  • Kinilis 1,578
  • Klinan 6 3,456
  • Koronadal Proper 3,951
  • Lam Caliaf 1,202
  • Landan 5,713
  • Lapu 1,831
  • Lumakil 3,286
  • Maligo 2,938
  • Pagalungan 2,513
  • Palkan 3,600
  • Polo 2,605
  • Rubber 2,593
  • Silway 7 1,629
  • Silway 8 8,495
  • Sulit 4,806
  • Sumbakil 1,698
  • Upper Klinan 3,550

Flom'lok Festival

Flom'lok is taken from the B'laan term which means "hunting grounds". The people of Polomolok celebrate this by showcasing local products and a mix of socio-cultural activities. Home to the on of the world's biggest pineapple plantations, Polomolok commemorates it's foundation from September 2 to September 16 with true South Cotabato flair.

Pinyahan Festival

Pinyahan Festival is celebrated at Barangay Cannery Site showcasing the bountiful land of Pineapples and commemorating the Barangay's continuous growth.

Malambuon Festival

Malambuon is a visayan word which means "progressive". The people of Barangay Poblacion celebrate this by cultural shows, agri-industrial fair and many more. As one of the Urban Barangays of Polomolok, Poblacion commemorate it's foundation in every 9th of December.

Polomolok can be accessed:
Via Land
Ecoland Transport Terminal (Davao City) travel time is about 3-4 hours.
Bulaong Transport Terminal (General Santos City) travel time is about 15-30 minutes.
Koronadal Integrated Transport Terminal (Koronadal City) travel time is about 40 minutes to 1 hour.
Via Air
Francisco Bangoy International Airport (Davao City) then via land to General Santos City.
Tambler International Airport (General Santos City) then ride a taxi/multicab/motorcycle direct to Polomolok.
Via Sea
General Santos Seaport bounded from Manila and other provinces/cities. Then get a ride to Bulaong Terminal.